Do You Have a Morning Ritual? Powerful Ways to Start Your Day

morning ritualHi all,

Are your mornings calm and serene, pumped-up and motivational or panic-stricken and chaotic?

When I was teaching and had to be in my classroom on time (or face a bunch of rioting teenagers), I put together a morning ritual that helped me get into the right mindset and set up the day.

My routine started with 20 minutes of meditation and 10 minutes of segment-intending – basically laying out the day in my mind and visualizing how I wanted it to flow. Then I made a green smoothie, drank half and put the rest in a travel mug to take with me. The whole ritual, including showering, dressing and putting on make-up, took me an hour and a half.

Now my work-day looks very different and the first part of my morning includes drinking coffee under the olive tree in my garden :)

If you have a morning ritual, do you have one for work-days and a different one for the weekend? What are the essential elements for you? And if you don’t have one now, is that a deliberate choice?

Let’s see if between us we can come up with the perfect routine!

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  1. Jon Rhodes says:

    I try not to have too much rituals in life as they can be limiting. I believe they can hamper growth if they are rigidly stuck to. I know some people can get VERY upset if something hampers the smallest of ritual. My only one in the morning is that I usually drink a glass of fresh orange juice, but if I run out it’s no problem.
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